Collecting Winchesters

While a myriad of items are "collected" today, there is nothing like collecting antique firearms-especially the Winchester rifle. The appeal of collecting Winchesters stems from how well they were made. Although considered "production" guns in their day, they were, by today's standards, very much custom, hand-fitted works of art. Winchesters represent the great era of American history. With famous characters like Jesse James,Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull, Texas Rangers, and Teddy Roosevelt, who can resist the historical appeal of these tools of the Wild West. Art and craftsmanship, mechanics and performance, history and romance, all combined to create that relentless passion for collecting.

And there's something for everyone; you don't need a whole lot of money to begin your collection. With the volatility of today's financial markets, collecting fine Winchesters makes a prudent, tangible investment. Rarity, originality, desirability, and condition, are the four commandments for protecting your investment.

Rob Kassab

A Message From George Madis

Of the memories remaining from our history, probably nothing brings the past as close as firearms. An absolute necessity in most homes, Winchesters were most popular because they were the best. When their merits became known, the Winchester rifle outsold all others. The name Winchester became known worldwide within a relatively short time and was a by-word for dependability, accuracy, and quality. Today Winchesters are by far the most popular collectibles, including the later models, which don't require a lot of money to get started.

To me, gun collecting is one of the greatest of hobbies. For relaxing or study, investment or a pastime, gun collecting has something for everyone. Of all hobbies, gun collecting provides the most relaxation, interest, and appreciation, as well as having the some of the finest people associated with it.

George Madis


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