Model 1895 No. 73026

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Winchester 1895 Deluxe Takedown Cheekpiece Rifle .35 WCF s/n 73026
mfg 1911 – 24” round barrel; beaded dovetailed front sight in forged base with a Lyman Number 6 leaf rear and Lyman 21 receiver sight; fancy American walnut oil-finished checkered cheek piece stocks with hard rubber buttplate and oval gold inscription plate “FNS” inlayed into the top of the buttstock. Metal retains approximately 80-90% coverage of original thinning blue.

Cheek piece stocked Winchesters are among the rarest of collector Winchester rifles with this one being of the same style as Theodore Roosevelt’s Model 1895s. This gun is featured in the book Winchester Model 1895 / Last of the Classic Lever Actions by Rob Kassab and Brad Dunbar on page 156 and 276, with caption: Deluxe Takedown Sporting Rifle, s/n 73026, features fancy Style H checkered cheek piece stocks; rubber shotgun butt plate; Lyman 21 receiver sight; No. 6 folding leaf rear and ivory bead front sights. Rob Kassab Collection.

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