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Model 1894 No. 897060


Winchester 1894 Deluxe Engraved Eastern SRC .30 WCF s/n 897060 mfg 1921 - This is a very rare deluxe, factory engraved, Eastern carbine with a 20” round barrel, half magazine, pistol grip stock, and shotgun butt. The front sight is the pinned ivory blade type, with no rear sight or provision for one, and a factory installed Lyman tang sight. The barrel retains 98% blue and the receiver shows about 90% to 95% blue with a few minor scratches and dings. The lever and bolt show about 50% flaking but still retains a dark color. The H checkered deluxe wood is about 3X grade and is in excellent condition with a couple of small dings. The bore is excellent. The engraving is in the #10 style with some extra embellishments on the breach and upper tang.

BARREL - The round barrel is 20” long, crowned muzzle, correctly ‘in the white’, with a muzzle measuring .603” diameter, and marked in the type 5 style and has the second style nickel steel markings. The front sight base is properly forged, has a clear ‘ramp’ showing factory machining marks. The barrel is not cut for a rear sight, which validates the factory originality of the tang sight. The underside of the barrel is marked as follows, ‘0 V “diamond with i” 30 W.C.F. NMS “circle with VP inside” ‘- The proof mark is in the proper location. Overall, the barrel looks correct and has an excellent bore.

MAGAZINE - The magazine is a ½ magazine, measuring a proper 9-5/8” long. The magazine cap has a flange that fits into the slot that is on the underside of the barrel.

RECEIVER - The lower tang fits perfectly i.e.: the alignment of the peak of the raised portion that is a continuation from the receiver to the trigger slot, with the correct second style hammer. The receiver is correct as are the various inspector markings.

ASSEMBLY MARKINGS - The only markings other than the inspector stamps is the assembly number 508 stamped on the left side of the upper tang. This placement is consistent with gun manufactured in the 20’s. The number is also stamped on the butt stock in the upper tang inlet. The same die stamped the tang and wood, notice the height and the ‘dot’ at end of the loop on the number 5. There are no numbers on the hard rubber butt plate which is also consistent with known Winchester practices.

PROOF MARKS - The serial number of the gun dictates a proved barrel and receiver. The receiver proof mark is to the left of the breach engraving and with very close inspection it is clear the there is no proof mark under the engraving at the top of the receiver. The proof marks were made with the same die, notice the unequal line at the bottom of the P on both marks.

TANG SIGHT - The Lyman tang sight is stamped on the underside ‘1A DA’ and has the correct ‘generation’ marks therefore it is most likely the original sight.

ENGRAVING - The gun has been engraved in the Winchester number 10 style. The number 10 pattern in the Winchester catalogues and Wilson’s books is displayed on 1892 rifles and because of the geometric differences, i.e.: loading gate, screw locations, etc., it is difficult to correlate to a model 1894 rifle. The style and craftsmanship is consistent with other known engraved 1920’s guns. It certainly appears to be correct and because of the location of the proof mark is most assuredly factory original. The receiver has a vignette of a standing elk on the left side (instead of the typical deer) with a wide plain border around the vignette and flourishes of arabesque patterns with punch dot background in front and back. It has a straight line and wavelet border around the outer edges. The right side has flourishes of arabesque pattern in front and back of the loading gate opening with matching border. The top of the receiver and top tang, as well as the area around the serial number on the bottom have light flourishes.

STOCKS - The buttstock is original to the gun as validated by the matching assembly numbers. The forend’s character, color, and wear patterns match the buttstock. The quality of the ‘H’ style checkering is consistent with a 20’s gun. The pistol grip cap and screw are correct. The hard rubber butt plate has a “widow’s peak” at the top, a circumferential border, and a Winchester Repeating Arms Co. logo.


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