Model 1894 No. 336491

Winchester 1894 SRC .32-40 WCF s/n 336491
mfg 1905 - 20” round barrel; full mag; extremely rare special-ordered set of Marbles sights: Marble 94C Ivory Bead front sight, Marble 95L Adjustable Leaf rear sight, and Marble Flexible Tang sight with early style locking tab; gumwood stocks with carbine buttplate. Condition: Overall 98% - 99% condition. Includes a Winchester letter of authentication from the Cody Firearms Museum. Three sights from the Marble Safety Axe Co. period (1898-1911) on one gun is a rare treat, especially in this condition. Up front is an ivory bead Marble No. 94C, “…especially constructed for the Winchester Carbine and will stand the hard usage often given this rifle in the saddle and woods.” according to the M.S.A. Co. catalog of 1907. On the barrel is a hard to find early Marble’s Adjustable Leaf Sight, No. 95L specifically designed for this type of three sight configuration. Rear tang sight is Marble’s Flexible Rear Sight. It has the early “tab” locking catch. Later M.S.A. Co. marked sights have the later style catch design seen on the later MARBLE marked sights. Either the tab or later catch designs with the M.S.A. Co. mark were only available for a few years each.

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