This page contains articles by various authors about Winchesters, Henrys and other historic firearms, as well as interesting essays about the colorful men who used them.  All efforts have been made to provide accurate, authentic information and proper credit is given to all of the authors.  However, does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained in these articles.

The Legend of Foley and Reid Article by Bob Lett, as told to him by Mark Ladman

Guns of Many Voices Wild West Magazine. © October 1990. Article by Wayne R. Austerman
A compilation of colorful stories "from the drop edge of yonder" about the Henry Repeating Rifle.

The Henry Repeating Rifle Article by Andrew L. Bresnan
An exhaustive study of the history of the Henry Repeating Rifle in seven chapters from the beginnings during the civil war through the Indian wars until present day battle reenactments and replica Henrys.

The Henry Rifle - Then Article © 1991 by Joe Bilby
A discussion of the Henry repeating rifles, their specifications and characteristics, and their use during the American Civil War.

The Legend of Tom Horn  excerpt from "Hell on Wheels" article 2001 by Dennis Prisbrey
"Celebrating the life and times of old west legend Tom Horn"  the theme of the 2001 High Plains Regional Mounted Shoot and the Wyoming State Single Action Shooting Championship this article gives a breif glimpse into the life of the Old West.

Model 1873 "The gun that won the West" Article Text and drawings by Tommy Rholes
A discussion and tutorial about the features and characteristics of the Model 1873 Winchester.

Personally, I prefer the Winchester  American Rifleman, January 2002 article by Philip Schreier
An historical discussion of President Teddy Roosevelt and his preference for Winchesters, especially the Model 1895.

Special Short Winchesters Article by George Madis
A discussion of the short barreled "Baby Winchesters"

A Special Winchester Article by Rob Kassab
The story of a special Winchester 1892 Carbine and the colorful history behind the gun and it's owner.

The Spencer - Then  Article © 1992 by Joe Bilby
An essay outlining the the contribution of Christopher Miner Spencer and his repeating rifle towards the US military at the time of the American Civil War.

Spencer Repeaters in the Civil War  Article ©1998 by A. M. Beck
A discussion of the Spencer repeating rifles, their specifications and characteristics, and their effect on the outcome of the American Civil War.

The Very First Model 1866 Winchester? The Collector, Article by J.L.Skinner
The story of the earliest known Winchester and arguments for number 12476 as the first Winchester.

Winchester Model 1866 #12476 Man at Arms, Number two, 1996 by J.L.Skinner
The story of the earliest known Winchester and arguments for number 12476 as the first Winchester.

Yellow Boy  Article by B. W. Hicks
A discussion of the evolution of the Model 1866 Winchester from the previous Henry rifles.

Yellowstone Kelly  Article by C. Michael Hager
A short biography of Major Luther "Yellowstone" Kelly trapper, explorer and scout in the late 1800's



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